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You can do it at home! Learn how to wash your curtains at home.

You can easily wash the curtains at home!

You don't have many opportunities to replace, care for curtains that you usually don't care about in your daily life, right? If you notice it, there are many people who have never washed the curtain after purchasing it.

Since the curtains are located near the windows of the room where air flows in and out, house dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, etc. are actually dirty more than they look. In particular, the lace is prone to mold due to dew condensation, etc., and the white fabric makes it stand out.

The room becomes brighter when the curtains are clean. So, this time I would like to introduce a curtain washing method that can be easily done at home.

How often do you wash the curtains?

It's hard to notice when you look at it every day, but it is dirtier than you think, such as dust and pollen entering from the outside, exhaust gas, indoor odors and cigarette tar. Dirt on the curtain can cause mold and darkness in the room.

■ Drape curtains are washed once a year, lace curtains are washed 2-3 times a year Depending on the environment, the thickness of drapes may vary from heavy curtains to drapes once a year, and light curtains to light drapes. A few times a year is a guideline. You can also wash at the turn of the season.

  • People who smoke in the room, where dust and exhaust gas are likely to adhere to places such as facing large roads, etc. can be washed further if it is contaminated, but if you wash it too often, the fabric will be damaged. It can also be a cause. If you really want to wash, we also recommend partial washing and hand washing.

  • Be careful not to wash the curtain completely shielded with a special coating that enhances light shielding and heat insulation.

  • I didn't wash it for years! If you do, please be careful as it may be torn when washed due to the deterioration of the fabric.

What is the best time to wash your curtains?

Speaking of general cleaning, it is an annual event at the end of the year, but it is recommended to wash the curtains in addition to the clear weather before the rainy season and the autumn vacation season.

The point is to choose a sunny day with low humidity. If you use the curtain when it is not completely dry, it may cause mold, so check the weather forecast before you start washing.

Check before you wash your curtains.

Some curtains are washable and some are not. Before washing the curtain, check the washable label or the wash label. Check how to wash and the types of detergent that can be used.

Before washing the curtain! Check the marking on the curtain

Make sure that

the laundry picture display on the curtain has the "washing basket" and "hand wash" marks. With these markings, you can wash in your own washing machine.

■ Caution

(1) Most of the items with a hand wash mark are made of a material that is easily scratched or decorated. The fabric after washing may be worn out, so if it is a "hand-washing mark", please wash it in a course such as "fashionable clothes course", "hand-washing course" or "dry course" of the washing machine.

(2) Depending on the material and condition of the curtain, it may be better to send it out for cleaning instead of at home. Do not wash at home because cotton, linen, and rayon fabrics may lose their texture when washed by discoloration or shrinkage.

(3) For items that have only a few years of age, the fabric is weakened by the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and may be torn when washed.

Remove dirt and mold before washing curtains!

There is a lot of dust on the surface of the curtain. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust before removing it from the rails.

If the curtain is moldy Scrape the moldy part with a brush, etc.

While applying a towel to the back of the curtain, gently wash it with a pompom using a brush with detergent. When the dirt is transferred to the towel, tap the mold with a water-moistened towel to remove the mold.

■ If the curtain has stains/dirt Apply detergent to the areas you are worried about, such as the dark spots on the hem and the gathers on the upper part, and the conspicuous stains, and hit it to let it soak. If there is noticeable dirt on the curtain, attach the oxygen-based bleach dissolved in 40°C lukewarm water to the dirty area and let it soak for about 1 hour. *Since the curtain has accumulated dust and dirt, it is recommended to soak it in the washing machine before washing it. *If the curtains are filthy, before washing them in the washing machine, first add a large amount of detergent solution to a large tub or washing tub, and let it sit and wash. After that, you can wash it normally in the weak water mode of the washing machine!

■ Efforts to prevent curtains from becoming dirty

① Use a "softening agent" when washing.  Since the softening agent has an "antistatic effect", it does not easily get pollen or dust.  It also has the effect of preventing washing wrinkles during dehydration.  It is also nice that the curtain has a good scent of a softening agent. ② Use a disinfectant/deodorant spray for cloth products that has an "antifungal" effect.  Some disinfectant/deodorant sprays for fabric products suppress the growth of mold, so if you put it in a season when mold is a concern, it will be easier to wash.

Let's actually wash the curtain.

Let's wash the curtain.

  • Unhook the curtain.

First, let's unhook the curtain.

If you wash with the curtain hook attached, the fabric may get caught during washing, causing tears or damage.

If the curtain has hooks sewn on it, fold the hooks, cover them with a towel, and tie them with a string to prevent them from being exposed.

*Set the hooks together so that you do not lose them.

  • Fold the curtain and put it in the laundry net.

Fold it gently along the folds (drapes) of the curtain. If you put it in the washing machine without doing anything, it may cause wrinkles after washing. By folding it neatly, the washing liquid is evenly distributed.

  • Points for folding the curtain

1) Carefully fold the curtain instead of rolling it to prevent the curtain from wrinkling. 2) Make sure that the heavily soiled area is on the front side.

After that, put it in a large laundry net and wash it in the washing machine.

It is okay to wash in the normal course, but if you are concerned about stains, it is better to put it on the course beforehand. To protect the fabric, it is better to avoid dirt courses. Select the appropriate detergent/laundry course according to the laundry instructions.

How to choose detergent when washing curtains.

We recommend using a neutral detergent when washing the curtain.

Some curtains use delicate or special materials, which may cause discoloration or damage depending on the detergent. *It is also good to use a softener that has antibacterial and deodorant effects.

  • Precautions when washing curtains

    • Set the dehydration time to about 30 seconds in a short time. If dehydration is too long, it may cause curtains damage and wrinkles.

    • Avoid using a dryer as it may cause shrinkage.

  • Do a small cleaning while you wash the curtains

    • Clean the window bars, screen doors, window glass, and floor in between the curtains. Remove the curtain hooks and also clean the windows while turning the washing machine.

    • When the curtain is still attached, dirt is accumulated on the parts that are hard to reach or cannot see. If you clean the windows and windows around them, you will feel even better.

  • Petit cleaning points

    • Screen door-This is the place to catch dirt from the outside air first. If you can use it on a balcony, be sure to wipe it with water from both the front and back.

    • Window glass-Because the glass will fog if you do not wipe it dry, remember to wipe dry immediately after wiping with water.

    • If the floor is covered with curtains, it is difficult to see every corner. Wipe with water, especially around the corners and corners.

How to dry the curtain after washing

When hanging the washed curtain, it is best to hang it on the curtain rail with a hook. *It is not recommended to use a dryer because it may cause the fabric to tear or shrink.

How to dry the washed curtains

  • After washing the curtain, we recommend returning it to the curtain rail and hanging it to let it dry naturally.

  • Attach the hook and hang it on the curtain rail to dry.

  • Immediately after washing, remove it from the washing machine and stretch the seams by hand.

  • Make the curtain as wide as possible.

  • By hanging it on the rails and drying it, the weight of the curtain itself can stretch the entire wrinkle and shape it, resulting in the original beautiful drape.

■ Point of how to dry to prevent wrinkles and pain of curtain!

① Dry with hanging hooks on the curtain rail. ② Quickly remove from the washing machine after washing. ③ Avoid direct sunlight and air dry in a well-ventilated place. ④ If possible, open the window and let the air blow to dry quickly.

■ If you find that the curtains have wrinkles, you can use a mist blow to fix them, or you can use an iron. However, depending on the type of curtain, some products do not allow ironing, so be sure to check the pictograms on the laundry!

Precautions when drying the washed curtain
  • If you are concerned about water drops dripping on the floor, lay a towel, newspaper, vinyl, etc. on the floor under the rail.

  • Thick and heavy curtains add moisture to the curtain rail, which puts a heavy burden on the curtain rail.

  • When drying outdoors, be sure to shade it. Use clothespin and hang it to make folds for a beautiful finish.

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