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Solving troubled moms' worries! How to clean the oily pen and crayon on the curtain

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Does it really stain? Dirt on the oil-based pen and crayon on the curtain

Hello. Nice to meet you. Hashimoto is involved in the web production of curtains.

Actually, before I became a web designer, I was involved in childcare for a long time. From that experience, I would like to send something useful to mothers who have troubles with children's troubles and families with children.

This time, we picked up " Difficult to remove stains on the curtain " Oil-based pen " and " How to drop the crayon "!

While I was drawing, I walked around with a crayon,

wrapped around the curtain and played around. If I noticed that the curtain was dirty...

the curtain had become a canvas...

I often hear stories of troubles from housewife friends around me.

It's difficult to remove dirt, isn't it?

In particular, there are many people who think that oil-based pens and crayons do not come off,

and those who give up.

But do I really have to give up...?

So, this time, we experimented with 4 methods that are said to be effective

for the dirt of the oil-based pens and crayons actually attached to the curtain, and how much the dirt was removed!

Those who say " I don't know how to drop it" or " There are various ways to drop it,

but I don't know what is actually the best" can understand the effective way to drop it.

Now I would like to introduce the experimental results that interest me in order.

First prepared before the experiment

The curtain is the same cloth product as clothes.

Before cleaning your curtain, first, check the laundry label on the curtain and remove the curtain hooks to get ready.

➀ Check the laundry label on the curtain

Some curtains are washable and some are not.

Check if the curtain you are using is washable by checking the laundry label on the curtain.

If there is no wash mark on it, you can wash it. (Please see this blog for more details on the laundry label.)

However, depending on the material of the curtain, discoloration or shrinkage may occur when washed.

➁ Remove curtain hook

Then remove the hook from the curtain. Keep the hooks together so you don't lose them.

Which is the most effective way to remove dirt from the oil-based crayon on the curtain? I experimented with 4 kinds of detergents and liquids!

What is effective in removing oily pen and crayon stains?

Oily pens and crayons contain oil. If you use oil for persistent oil stains, it will fall off unexpectedly. So, this time,

I will use something that contains oil or a detergent that floats the oil.

I prepared 4 kinds of detergent and liquid this time.

Which is the one that can clean the dirt the most ... I want to experiment immediately!

4 types of detergents to experiment with and liquids to prepare

■ Below photo shown detergents and liquids was used in experiments.

Ⓐ Neutral detergent (Kitchen detergent)

Ⓑ Absolute ethanol

Ⓒ Remover

Ⓓ Cleansing oil

Let's experiment with these 4 types!

■ Items other than detergent and liquid to prepare

  • Towels or cloths that may be dirty

  • Toothbrushes

  • Vinyl gloves (necessary Person)

Finally experiment!

Finally, I would like to remove the dirt from the oil-based pens and crayons on the curtain.

This time, I would like to

experiment with polyester curtains, the most common fiber used in curtains

Curtains used: 100% polyester


This time, the experiment was started about 15 minutes after the stain was applied.

➀ Place a towel or cloth under the curtain.

Because the dirt moves down, make sure that the towel or cloth is not a single layer, but fold it to make it thicker.

➁ Firmly

Apply the detergent or liquid to the dirty area to allow it to soak.

➂ Gently

 Tap the dirty part from the top with a toothbrush and let the towel or cloth below absorb the dirt.

 ※Because rubbing it will damage the fabric, it is a good idea to gently push it in from above!

➃Repeat steps ➁ to ➂ several times

Because stains will be transferred to the towel or cloth below, do it while shifting the position.

➄When the dirt is removed, wash it at the end.

See this blog for washing instructions.

Curtain dirt removal test results

Now let's look at the experimental results that interest us.

Here is a review of the detergent and liquid used in the experiment.

Ⓐ Neutral detergent (Kitchen detergent) Ⓑ Absolute ethanol Ⓒ Remover

Ⓓ Cleansing oil

I will introduce the results for each oil-based pen and crayon, showing how much the dirt was removed.

Cleaning the oily pen on the curtain Before / After

First, let's see what happened to the dirt on the oil-based pen on the curtain.

This is before washing ↓↓↓

And this is after washing ↓ ↓ ↓

Ⓐ Neutral detergent (kitchen detergent) Ⓑ Anhydrous ethanol Ⓒ Light remover Ⓓ Cleansing oil

Ⓐ Neutral detergent (Kitchen detergent)

The stain is the second of the four, but it still has a clear stain.

Ⓑ Anhydrous ethanol  stains have thinned, but the traces of stains have spread to extend the most out of the four.

Ⓒ Remover  Liquid Dirt spreads from the moment it is applied, leaving traces of dirt.

Ⓓ The cleansing oil  has the thinnest stain of the four, but it was difficult to completely remove it.

After all oil-based pen is a strong enemy.

I couldn't completely remove it...

The cleansing oil was the best! The dirt is a little thin!

By the way, I wondered if it would fall off immediately after it got dirty,

but I couldn't remove it...

After that, I repeatedly washed it in the washing machine, but I couldn't remove it even after washing it four times... It's shitty.

Crayon stain removal on curtains Before / After

Next, let's see what happened to the dirt on the crayon on the curtain.

This is before washing ↓↓↓

And this is after washing ↓ ↓ ↓

Ⓐ Neutral detergent (kitchen detergent) Ⓑ Anhydrous ethanol Ⓒ Light remover Ⓓ Cleansing oil

As a result, there were some detergents and liquids that were successful in removing dirt!

Ⓐ Neutral detergent (kitchen detergent)  Dirt is clean!

Ⓑ Absolute ethanol  did not stain much, but it did not completely disappear.

Ⓒ Remover Liquid

As in the experiment of oil-based pen, the  stain spreads from the moment the liquid is applied,

and although it is thin, there are traces of stains.

Ⓓ Cleansing oil  Ⓐ As with neutral detergent, stains are completely removed!

From the results of the experiment, we found that an effective method of removing crayon stains was " Neutral detergent " or " Cleansing oil "!

I also found that the crayon stains are easier to remove than the oil-based pens that did not remove even with the same experimental method!

I think that the "Neutral detergent" or "Cleansing oil" that we succeeded in this experiment is in every household, so it's a nice point that you can easily remove dirt.

Review: Click here for instructions on how to clean crayons

For those who are uneasy to remove dirt at home or who are considering replacing curtains

What did you think. Even with the same experiment, an oil-based pen and a crayon made a difference in how they fell.

We hope this experiment will be of some help to those who are in trouble about how to remove stains from the curtain. Thank you for reading to the end!

This time, we have introduced a method of removing dirt, but I think some people have difficulty removing dirt at home, and are thinking of buying another curtain at this opportunity.



I would like to introduce our new curtain,

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