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Easy 2 STEP for everyone! How to choose a curtain color that never fails based on the color scheme

Can't you decide a curtain color that you can't decide easily?

Suddenly, how do you decide the color of the curtains?

The curtain occupies a large area in the room. The impression of the room changes greatly with just one color choice, so you can't decide what color to choose.

Also, when I installed a curtain purchased at a shop or online in my room, I found that the curtain did not match the room more than I expected... There are various relationships between colors, and when you combine colors that are incompatible with each other, that kind of thing happens.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to choose the color of the curtain based on the "color pattern" that is widely used in the design world.

When you are looking for a curtain color

that suits the atmosphere in your room, it is very easy to select a color just by knowing the color scheme we will introduce.

Anyone reading this article

can easily find the right curtain color for their room ♪

STEP1: Check the color distribution of your room before choosing the curtain color!

When choosing a color for your curtain, it is important to combine it with the color of your furniture such as walls, carpets and sofas. Generally, the room color consists of three colors: base color , main color, and accent color.

Also, "color allocation" such as “which color and how much area to use”" is important. Each of the above colors

Base color: Main color: Accent color = 7:2.5:0.5

The ratio is said to be the golden ratio of color allocation in the coordination of the room . When choosing a color for your curtain, be sure to keep this ratio in mind.

Now let's look at which part of the room each color generally corresponds to!

◆ Base color (70%)

The "base color" is the basic color that occupies most of the room such as walls, floors and ceilings . Frequently changing the base color is difficult, so colors

such as white,


and ivory

that are rarely claimed or colors that you will never get tired of will be used.

◆ Main color (25%)

The main color is the color of furniture

such as sofas and chests. Unlike walls and floors,

it's easy to arrange,

so it's the color that most easily reveals your individuality, and it greatly affects the impression of the room. In general, curtains are often included in this main color.

◆ Accent color (5%)


small items such as cushions and sundries are the accent colors.

As its name suggests, it will add accents to the entire room,

and the color used for the color- blending role will bring up the fashion ability of the room depending on the accent color.

I said,

"Curtains are often included in the main color," but depending on the interior of the room, the curtain may be the base color or accent color. (Of course, other furniture, miscellaneous goods and accessories can also be used as a base color.)

STEP 2: Let's choose the color of the curtain based on the color scheme!

Now let's see how to actually combine curtains and room colors. The color combination introduced this time is a color scheme

that uses four colors of similar colors,

similar colors,

contrast colors,

and complementary colors.

Color scheme using similar colors


it is the simplest and yet simple color scheme. For example,

when red is used as the reference,

similar colors are all colors that have the same vividness or changed brightness.

Each of brightness and color,

how to combine colors to put a difference in the vividness is, will the color scheme that uses a similar color.

As an example, let's look at a room that uses a similar color scheme.

In the room shown in the photo,

the color of the curtain matches the color of the furniture (red),

which is the main color.

And pink, which is similar to red, is used as an accent color with accessories such as cushions.

A color scheme that allows you to easily create a cohesive impression with any color. I think there are many similar colors in your room and curtains . However, do you have the experience of how to combine

the colors of curtains using similar colors,

"I'm familiar with the room, but I got tired soon..." ?

The point to avoid such mistakes is to add "contrast" ! Adding contrast means

making a difference in the brightness and vividness of colors. Even with the same color,

the brightness (brightness) and saturation (vividness) will be sharpened,

and the contrast will be increased to create a beautiful combination ♪

The corresponding part of each color of the room in the photo is as follows.

This curtain is recommended for those who want to make the curtain color red !

There are more than 10 color variations, including the simple solid curtain, so you can match it with the color of your home furniture or a similar color of furniture. It might be good to choose a color ♪ Color scheme using similar colors From here, we will introduce a color arrangement pattern of different colors using hue difference.

First of all, similar colors are colors with a difference of 30 to 60 degrees in the angle of the hue circle.

By the way, the hue circle is a circle of hues, and as the name implies ,

it is a circle of colors. When green is used as a reference, blue and yellow are similar colors.

As an example, let's look at a room that uses a similar color scheme.

Compared to the color scheme using similar colors,

the difference in color between green and yellow is large, so yellow looks more prominent.

Color patterns that use similar colors may not be as easy to combine as similar colors because different colors are used . Even so, the colors on the hue circle are relatively close to each other, so it can be said that the color pattern is easy to handle as with similar colors.

The curtains can match the main colors of the furniture in the room, and by incorporating similar colors with the small items, you can create the finish of the room as shown in the photo.

The corresponding part of each color of the room in the photo is as follows.

If you want to make the curtain more prominent,

it might be a good idea to unify the cushions etc.

with green and make the curtain yellow. What is important is the combination of colors and their proportions!

This curtain is recommended for those who want to make the curtain color green!

Image: Denny ~ Green ~"Denny" with a print that feels the texture of denim Green with a gentle natural color is also recommended for children's rooms. Try combining it with yellow and blue, which are similar colors to green!

Color scheme using contrasting colors


I will introduce a color pattern using contrasting colors . The contrast color is a color

that has a difference of 120 to 150 degrees in the angle of the hue circle.

When blue is used as the standard, the target colors are purple, red, and yellow.

As an example, let's look at a room that uses a similar color scheme .

By using contrasting colors,

differences between colors are created more than similar colors,

and the colors of each other are more emphasized. In the photo, I think that light blue and pink look more vibrant than the single colors .

Due to the characteristics that complement each other's colors, this contrasting color scheme is often used

for corporate, product, and store logo schemes.

When choosing a color for your curtain,

it may be a good idea to look for the curtain among the contrasting colors of the furniture in your room,

rather than choosing the same color as the furniture in your room or a safe color!

The corresponding part of each color of the room in the photo is as follows.

This curtain is recommended for those who want to make the curtain color light pink !

Image: Great mellow ~Light pink~ >The first grade blackout curtain "Great mellow" that supports your important sleep. It firmly blocks the outdoor lights and car lights, and supports a good night's sleep! Highly functional with heat shield and flameproof function, this is our recommended curtain that we would recommend to anyone.

Color scheme using complementary colors

Lastly, I will introduce a color scheme using complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors

that are located exactly opposite to each other on the hue circle .

When blue is the standard, orange is the complementary color.

As an example, let's look at a room that uses a complementary color scheme.

The color scheme using complementary colors

combines the colors with the largest color difference,

so you can give a dynamic impression

by incorporating them in the color distribution of the room.

Among the four rooms,

I think many of you may have felt the most impact with this color scheme

using the complementary colors of blue and orange.

Since the difference in color is large,

it is also a color pattern that is quite difficult to handle,

so be careful when selecting the color of the curtain based on complementary colors. Make sure to check the color distribution of the room in advance,

and set it to the golden ratio of 7:2.5:0.5!

The corresponding part of each color of the room in the photo is as follows.

If you want to make the curtain color blue, this curtain is recommended!

Image: Odyssey-Blue-Curtain The industry's first new technology has achieved a completely light-shielding curtain that achieves a lighter weight. If you combine the soothing and gentle shade of blue with a complementary color, you can create a casual space♪

If you use the color scheme as a standard, you can naturally squeeze the colors of the curtains that match your room!

What did you think!

Since curtains account for a large proportion of the room,

I think that

many people tend to choose a safe color because they fear a mismatch with the room.

However, if you follow the color pattern and color distribution

that I told you,

you shouldn't have a problem like " I installed it and it didn't fit my room...".

Also, based on the color patterns introduced this time,

you maybe confused when choosing a curtain color.

In such a case, please do not worry alone and contact us! Our dedicated coordinator will propose the optimum curtain!

We also accept consultations on Whatsapp and Messenger,

so please feel free to contact us! It is possible to send a picture, so we will propose a curtain that matches the color of the room !

In the world of design, there are various color schemes other than the color schemes introduced here,

but I think that just knowing the four color schemes will make it much easier to select a curtain color .

Please use it as a reference! Thank you for reading until the end. Share

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