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  • What methods of payment are accepted? 接受什么付款方式?
    We are glad to accept bank transfer or credit card payments which are the two options made available at the time of checkout. 我们很高兴接受银行转帐或信用卡付款,这是在结帐时可以使用的两种选择。
  • Is cash on delivery possible? 货到付款可以吗?
    We are sorry, but we do not currently support cash on delivery. Please choose from bank transfer or credit card payment. 很抱歉,我们目前不支持货到付款的方式。 请从银行转帐或信用卡付款中选择。
  • Can I make changes after I submit an order? 提交订单后可以更改吗?
    Yes, every order is placed in a hold status for 3 hours after being placed. This allows shoppers to ensure that their choices in colors and sizes are accurate. It also allows for a cancellation on an order, in addition to changes, but there may be some fees incurred. We make every effort to update an order without any further fees added. 是的,每笔订单在下达订单后都会保持3小时。 这使购物者可以确保他们选择的颜色和尺寸是准确的。 除更改外,它还允许取消订单,但可能会产生一些费用。 我们会尽一切努力更新订单,而不会增加任何其他费用。
    One of our top priority is to manufacture custom made high-quality, durable products that will meet your specification standards. Which is why they’re not applicable for resale in the ordinary course of business. We advise that you are sure of your decisions before your conclude your purchase in order to avoid any drawbacks. Our customer service will assure you an ease of mind if you decide to change or cancel your orders as long as you contact us within 24 hours from the date and time the order was submitted to us. You can live chat us for any changes or cancellations. 我们的首要任务之一是制造满足您的规格标准的定制高质量,耐用产品。这就是为什么它们在正常业务过程中不适用于转售的原因。 我们建议您在完成购买前确定自己的决定,以避免任何不利情况。 如果您决定更改或取消订单,只要您在订单提交给我们的日期和时间之后的24小时内与我们联系,我们的客户服务就会向您保证。 您可以在线聊天以了解任何更改或取消。
  • Colour Errors; Size Errors; Defective, Damaged or Wrongly Delivered Goods 颜色错误; 尺寸错误; 货物有缺陷,损坏或错误交付"
    Custom Made Curtain and Blind If the purchased products are found to have size error, colour error, defective or damaged during the installation, our technician will take back the wrong or unsatisfied products with them for further verification. We will do the alteration or product exchange within 6-10 days and return to the customer for installation. If your curtains are found to have size error, colour error, defective or damaged after the pick-up or after delivery, you can show us pictures, screenshots or even videos of the incorrect or unsatisfied curtains. After talking with our sales manager, you can return in the original packages. All accessories and documents should be included. When we receive the returned products, we will verify the issue, do alteration or exchange the product in 6-10 days. However, if the incorrect or unsatisfied item is found not at our fault or at customer’s request, we will still fulfill the request and do product alteration or exchange accordingly with any transportation, alteration, or product charges depending on the circumstances. Ready Made Items For goods purchased wrongly by customers due to size error, colour error, manufacturing defect or damage, you can show us pictures, videos, or screenshot of the incorrect or unsatisfied goods you get. After talking with our sales manager, you can return in the original packages, all accessories and documents should be included. When we receive the return package and upon checking, we will exchange the product for you within 3-5 days. On the other hand, if the incorrect or unsatisfied item is found not at our fault or have no problem, we are still willing to exchange for other products with lower or equal value as the purchased products. To exchange for products of higher values, you need to pay for the price difference or any delivery charges if required. Customers are required to provide the following details in order for a product exchange: Name: Contact Number: Email Address: Delivery Address: A copy of the original receipt: Intact Items Custom Made Curtain and Blind In case you change your mind on colour or sizes after the custom made order is is confirmed, changes are still acceptable within 24 hours after the order is confirmed. All custom made items are not refundable and exchangeable after the grace period and surcharges are applied to the changes made. Ready Made Items Items are not refundable but exchangeable within 7 days after the day of purchase. You can exchange with product of lower or equal value. However, customer is required to pay the difference if the product to be exchanged is of higher value. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 定制窗帘和窗帘 如果在安装过程中发现购买的产品有尺寸错误,颜色错误,缺陷或损坏,我们的技术人员将带回错误或不满意的产品以进行进一步验证。我们将在6-10天内进行更改或产品交换,并返回给客户进行安装。 如果捡起或交付后发现窗帘尺寸错误,颜色错误,有缺陷或损坏,您可以向我们展示不正确或不满意的窗帘的图片,屏幕截图甚至视频。与我们的销售经理联系后,您可以退回原包装。所有附件和文件都应包括在内。收到退回的产品后,我们将在6-10天内验证问题,进行更改或更换产品。 但是,如果不是由于我们的过错或客户的要求而发现不正确或不满意的物品,我们仍将满足该要求,并根据情况进行产品更改或相应的运输,更改或产品收费的更换。 现成的物品 对于由于尺寸错误,颜色错误,制造缺陷或损坏而导致客户错误购买的商品,您可以向我们显示您收到的不正确或不满意商品的图片,视频或屏幕截图。 与我们的销售经理联系后,您可以退还原包装,所有附件和文件都应包括在内。 收到退货包裹并经检查后,我们将在3-5天内为您更换产品。 另一方面,如果发现不正确或不满意的产品不是我们的错或没有问题,我们仍然愿意换购其他价格较低或与购买的产品相同的产品。 要交换更高价值的产品,您需要支付差价或任何运费(如果需要)。 客户必须提供以下详细信息才能进行产品交换: 名称: 联系电话: 电子邮件地址: 邮寄地址: 原始收据副本: 完好的物品 定制窗帘和窗帘 如果您在确认定制订单后改变颜色或尺寸,但在确认订单后的24小时内仍可以接受更改。 宽限期过后,所有定制产品将不予退还和交换,并且附加费用适用于所做的更改。 现成的物品 商品不可退款,但可在购买之日起7天内更换。 您可以与价值较低或相等的产品交换。 但是,如果要交换的产品具有较高的价值,则客户需要支付差额。 现成的物品 商品不可退款,但可在购买之日起7天内更换。 您可以与价值较低或相等的产品交换。 但是,如果要交换的产品具有较高的价值,则客户需要支付差额。
  • Deposit Payment 支付訂金
    All deposit are not refundable. However it is exchangeable with any G&G Curtains products which is lower or equal value of the deposit amount. If the exchanged product has higher value than the deposit payment, it will require a payment for the price difference. 所有押金均不退还。 但是,它可以与任何低于或等于存款金额的G&G窗帘产品互换。如果交换产品的价值高于定金,则需要支付差价。
  • Clearance Items 清仓物品
    All CLEARANCE items are not refundable/exchangeable. Customer is advised to check the condition of the product prior to purchase. For any further enquiries, you are welcome to contact our sales person who assists you or contact our Customer Careline at 016 986 1631, available from 9:30am to 6:30pm daily. 所有清仓商品均不可退款/更换。 建议客户在购买前检查产品的状况。 如有任何其他疑问,欢迎您与我们的销售人员联系,或致电016 986 1631,每天上午9:30至下午6:30致电我们的客户服务热线。
  • Is there a specific way to measure windows before placing an order? 下订单之前,有没有一种测量窗口的特定方法?
    Please see our Measuring Instructions page for full explanations and illustrations. 有关完整的说明和插图,请参阅我们的《测量说明》页面。
  • Is it possible to measure old window dressings instead? 可以测量旧的窗饰吗?
    We do not recommend using old curtains and blinds, even custom orders from the past, because manufacturers take deductions at the factory and this may result in an uneven or awkward fit when those same figures are used on new blinds and shades. See our "How to Measure Window Guide", to guarantee you make the most accurate measurements. 我们不建议使用旧的窗帘和百叶窗,甚至不建议使用过去的定制订单,因为制造商会在工厂进行扣减,而在新的窗帘和百叶窗上使用相同的图形时,这可能会导致装配不均或笨拙。 请参阅我们的“如何测量窗口指南”,以确保您进行最准确的测量。
  • Can someone come out to measure and/or install an order? 有人可以出来测量和/或安装订单吗?
    We provide installation within Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negei Sembilan and Malacca and Johor. However, we always say that anyone who is able to hang a picture is going to find it easy to hang custom window treatments. We are always here to help, and in addition to our measuring and installation guides, our customers can contact us by phone or email with questions. 我们在吉隆坡,雪兰莪,森美蘭,马六甲和柔佛提供安装。 但是,我们总是说,任何能够挂图片的人都会发现挂自定义窗帘非常容易。我们始终在这里为您提供帮助,除了我们的测量和安装指南之外,我们的客户还可以通过电话或电子邮件与我们联系并提出问题。
  • I want multiple window treatment in a single window space. How do I measure for that sort of custom order? 我想要在单个窗口空间中进行多个窗口处理。 如何衡量这种自定义订单?
    We suggest you visit the Measuring Instructions page to learn how to measure when installing two or more separate window coverings in a single window space. 我们建议您访问``测量说明''页面,以了解如何在单个窗口空间中安装两个或多个单独的窗帘的测量方法。
  • How do I install my new window coverings? 如何安装新的窗帘?
    We will have installation staff to help your install. *No extra charge 我们将有安装人员为您安装。 *无额外费用
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